Long Road

Rules of the Road

I’ve got some great backgrounds on the characters that have been uploaded so far. Great work Raven and Matt on your characters background, a hero point to both of you for your backgrounds.

Since we are using a wiki format for the campaign background, this means that anybody can edit stuff. This means that you can flesh out information from areas that your character knows about, and I encourage you do to so. Also, feel free to add background to the areas that I have not fully fleshed out. What I’ve written is mostly a flavor guide to be expanded should we adventure in particular areas, if your character is from a specific area I give you the right to add fluff that fits with your character. All I ask is that you respect what has already been written.

I’m pretty flexible, so if you character has a story that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere with what I’ve written so far, I can always write in a way for him to work. Just let me know ahead of Sat so it doesn’t come at me cold.

As the campaign moves along, feel free to update pages or ask me to create pages for notable areas and NPCs. I have a GMs secret page for each entry, so as long as you don’t remove information that I have written for you, those pages are areas for you to track what you have done and who you have met. Also, I will be creating wiki pages for the PCs, to integrate them into the campaign world better. Once again, feel free to edit these pages once I have them up. Your PCs are of high enough level to be considered to be notable, so will be included on the notable personalities page once I have that built.



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