Long Road

Show me your honor.

Thank you Tom for your background, a hero point to you as well.

The characters submitted so far have been great. I’ve created a wiki page with link to character sheet for all of you that have submitted sheets so far, with some “public knowledge” info rather than the full background. Similar to what somebody could know about your character with a somewhat easy knowledge roll. As we adventure and you gain renown there will be additional information added, to reflect your reputation and your deeds.

After thinking things through, i will be using the honor system from dragon empires primer. Your starting honor is equal to your level plus charisma score. I will be putting this in your wiki entry, and it will be tracked there. As I generate stats for NPCs, I will put their honor there as well.

The reason for this is mostly for flavor, but also as a way to allow the party additional RP tools past the usual skill checks.


Good Gods, what the hell am I supposed to spend all my Honor on?!

Show me your honor.

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