Long Road

Jade Road

Trouble on the long road.

This campaign is starting out at Lvl 7 using any paizo official books or PRD material. All core races are allowed, and NPC races are allowed upon GM review (most are allowed). Leadership is available, but only cohorts may adventure with you.

We are using 20 point buy, and your character will start out with 1 hero point. If you bring in a write up for your character that integrates in some way with the campaign setting you will earn a second hero point. Finally if you have a write up for a previous character that you would like me to add to the campaign back story, an additional hero point is also available.

PFS and named region traits that are available depend on characters starting region. Characters that come from Drakkar would have access to Andoran traits for instance. If there is any questions about a trait, let me know during the hour before we start, or on here if you would prefer.

Starting wealth is as per WBL guidelines in core book, I only ask that you don’t have any single item that is more than 50% of WBL, as this tends to mess up the balance.

A fair amount of this adventure is going to be of social nature and/or outdoors. Two areas that I haven’t GMed with you as much. Characters that can thrive in either or both of these situations will have mechanical and RP advantages. Charisma and survival are not dumpstats/skills this time around.



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