Space Princess


Once the princess of a great galactic civilization. HaTT was forced to flee her homeworld due to political reasons.

Placed in cryostasis, her ship then crashed on a primitive world were she continued to sleep for centuries. Until a group of adventurers stumbled upon the ship while searching for treasure. One of the adventurers found her cryo pod, however because he didn’t know how to use it he accidentally killed himself releasing the princess from her eternal sleep.

Faced with the realization that her empire was gone. She befriended the adventurers, and with there help fixed her spaceship. She then set her sights on reforming the lost empire of Zahard.

the adventurers had other ideas and shortly after getting the ship spaceworthy. They set out on there own political agenda.

HaTT still fly’s the spaceship that she “liberated” from “incompetent” hands. having also recruited a crew to help her in her quest to bring Zahard to glory once again.


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