Drakkar was the territory of Cherembryl that the drow houses of the empire controlled. It was the last area that accepted slavery in the empire. Slavery was accepted in this area because supposedly the drow only used people born into slavery, and these people seems to be OK with situation. It turns out that not only did drow engage in slave taking, they purposefully increase the chaos of the Long War to be able to hide their activities.

After finding proof of a plot that would ally the drow with the hated hobgoblins of the Pashbon, the drow were officially banished from power. This ignited a civil war, where the true deprivations of the drow were discovered. The compliant slaves were actually terrorized into accepting their lot in life, and the drow had vast caverns full of illicit slaves. Once freed the slaves revolted, and forced the drow houses out of their homelands, where they became corsairs. Due to memories of the Empire accepting slavery, Drakkar became independant, and Cherembryl was too weak to contest this. Drakkar then waged an ultimately successful campaign against the drow, driving them from the surface world entirely. With their rage spent, and weariness setting in, Drakkar rejoined the empire, bringing the conquered corsair lands with them.

The experience gained in fighting sea born raiders means people from Drakkar are among the best seamen in the world. They make up the bulk of the empire’s navy, have begun exploring far off lands. The reality of this situation is they believe that some of the drow might have escaped, and they are secretly trying to hunt them down, and prefer to make use of all the resources being part of an empire entails.

Drakkar’s Golarion equivalent is Andoran.


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