Aurora Glade

The land known now as Eisysae Kadi- Aurora Glade- was originally part of the empire of Cherembryl, a backwater with little to mention other than a vast mostly wild forest with a single road passing through it. The reason for this was during the empire’s youngest days, the first emperor made a pact with a green dragon that he would respect the dragon’s possession of the forest, as long as he could construct a road through it. Anybody who violated the agreement was on their own, for the dragon could claim anything not on the road. Occasional violations amused this dragon, and he even claimed a tower from a wizard who thought himself powerful.

The Aurora Glade known today was founded by Ilieh Vaeri – a wayward bard who took interest in the secluded tower which she claimed had been “abandoned” by its resident green dragon. Using the dragon’s impressive hoard therein, Ilieh was able to sustain herself and her friends, and perform her days away. Her love of the arts attracted many creatures from around the world to settle back in the glade, of all races and ages, backgrounds and lifestyles. The settlement soon returned to a thriving artistic community, blossoming from a small encampment to a glorious colony- its skyline becoming a series of elegant spires of gleaming satin spar peaking above the rich emerald hues of the forest around it.

Due to the breakdown of the Empire during the time due to the second phase of the Long War, the glade became its own political entity. The area was an island of stability, and grew rapidly, with refuges from the capitol and surrounding areas settling here.

Aurora Glade’s main export is art; from trinkets to live performances to elaborate architectural designs. Being a creative colony, the population is composed mostly hedonistic artists looking to live luxurious lifestyles; most of the inhabitants have no interest in foreign affairs, politics, or associating themselves with upholding the law in any way. This is not to say that there is anarchy, however. Inhabitants of Aurora Glade are merely too focused on perfecting their arts that they see no reason to engage in criminal activity. A small force of mercenaries brings peace and protection to what little disturbances come around, and a diplomat to represent the people.

Most citizens of the glade have very little interest in foreign affairs, choosing to pursue their own individual and collective artistic endeavors. As a result the glade recently decided to seek protectorate status with the resurgent Cheremebryl Empire.

The empire asks very little from the glade, only needing access to trade and the right to recruit volunteers for the army. The glade doesn’t provide much in the way of numbers, but makes up for it with quality. Those who wish to enlist often treat skill at arms as a high art, and are some of the best light infantry in the world. They are in high demand as skirmishers and as marines.

The racial makeup of the glade is heavily weighted towards elves, half elves, gnomes, planetouched, and various outsiders. Humans are still the largest group, but unlike most of the empire, only make up a plurality rather than a strict majority.

Aurora Glade’s Golarion equivalent is Taldor.

Aurora Glade

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