Burning Peak

Burning Peak is the traditional heartland for the dwarves. It peacefully integrated itself into the Cherembryl Empire, and became a primary redoubt during the Long War during the first two phases. Following the dissolution of the Old Empire, General Banburn Burning Peak declared independence, forming a kingdom out of the hard rock of the mountains. He was supported by human veterans of the long war from both sides, and their decedents still make up the core population of his kingdom. He would like more dwarf followers, but they are not an especially fertile race, and it will takes centuries to make up the losses of the last generation.

Following the end of the Long War, the economy of Burning Peak began to suffer. Its traditional income was through military service and weapon creation. Without the war to sustain this demand, Banburn was forced to look elsewhere. He found that there was great demand for quality weapons and metal in the East, so has set up a trade office in Terminus that handles exports of weapons and processed rare ore for cross continental trade.

To make use of the large number of ambitious military men, Burning Peak is now the largest source of mercenaries in the world, with its men in high demand in caravan protection, militia training, marines, and operations of somewhat grey moral character.

It grates on Banburn that he relies on the goodwill of Cherembryl to maintain his trade, and he seeks to find another route to the east to avoid the taxes and expenses of the current route. With no navy, and only a singular poor fishing village, this is unlikely.

Burning Peak

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