The Old Empire and the New.

Originally founded over 1000 years ago by an alliance of human tribesman and elven sailors, this union formed a half elven royal house that produced 30 emperors. At its height it controlled most of the west, with only Kadesh maintaining its independence. 300 years ago its easternmost holdings revolted and formed their own kingdom called Pashbon This started what would be called the Long War. This splinter kingdom matured into an empire in its own right, and sought to keep its independence and later to absorb its parent.

In the final phase of the Long War, The Old Empire collapsed from war exhaustion, internal strife and the overwhelming might of the hobgoblin armies. After accepting the demands from some of its territories, the Empire was able to reform and regain much of its lost territory. It again looks to the East, and sees only weakness. It is still too weak to take on the Empire of Vec directly, but its trade route to the east has brought it power and wealth enough to start thinking thinking long term.

With the wealth from their eastern trade Emperor Nikephoros IV has been able to finance the rebuilding of critical infrastructure and public works. The prestige of this has given him access to some superb advisers, and this has paid dividend due to enhanced diplomacy. He was able to bring most of the lost territories back into the empire through pure diplomacy. From his starting position of just a ruined capital and the trade colony of Terminus he has brought Cherembryl from the ashes of near oblivion to the cusp of a new golden age.

Cherembryl’s Golarion equivalent is Grand Lodge.


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