Dai Anh

The Great Dragon of the East. Also the eastern terminus for the Jade Road.

It is here that weapons, metal, and coin from the west largely ends up. Dai Anh is a dynamic and powerful empire, and has hegemony over large areas that are outside of its formal boarders.

Member Kingdoms enjoy local sovereignty that would astound people from the west, with territories going to war against each other and outside territories on a seasonal basis. Combat isn’t the bloodthirsty affair that happens elsewhere though. Over centuries of pragmatic rule by the Dragon Court they have found it is best to let the territories of the empire fight each other as long as the bloodshed is kept to strict bounds that satisfy honor and do not damage the functioning and harmony of the Empire at large.

As a result most battles are formalized and ritual, with some being decided by a single duel between the disputant’s champions (which may take any form agreed upon, provinces have been won through flower arrangement). Should ritual single combat not satisfy, arbitration by a local representative of the Imperial Court is required. Should that fail, and the arbitrator agrees that both sides negotiated with good faith and honor, battle may be joined. The arbitrator gives a time limit for the campaign, and a limit to how many battles may be fought that campaign. Should the result be in doubt at the end of the campaign, the arbitrator will seek guidance from the Dragon and then choose a winner.

The only tax that must be paid by the member territories is the road tax, which pays for the network of imperial roads, and the head tax, which is a number of experienced warriors that must be tithed every year to the service of the Dragon. These warriors are used to garrison the North Wall and the South Wall as well as give manpower to the treasure fleets.

Known Lords

Dai Anh

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