Empire of Vec

The Empire of Vec didn’t always go by this name. Originally a human kingdom called Pashbon, it was at war with the hobgoblins that lived in its northern regions, and their rival Cherembryl.

After the hobgoblins won the war they enslaved the local population. There were a number of noble houses that dominated the politics, and due to internal competition were able become strong enough to prosecute a highly effective campaign against Cherembryl, causing that empire to lose most of its territory.

Internal fighting between the houses, and alien influences caused a civil war where the house of Vec was triumphant. After this time the Empire took this house’s name, as the other houses were systematically eliminated. The cost of this was granting most of the non-hobgoblin population serf status (a step above the slave status they had before), and the loss of most of the territory gained from Cherembryl.

Currently decadence in the Royal House of Vec and high turnover among the remaining nobles (assassination and charges of treason) there isn’t much left of the traditions that won the empire. Military matters have been handed over to mamluks (slave warriors) and their foreign born generals. Lack of outside pressure means that this situations is not likely to change any time soon.

Empire of Vec’s Golarion equivalent is Cheliax.

Empire of Vec

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