Lupa Sungai

This regions name is literally forgotten river. Its a region between two major mountain ranges, and to east of Kalabar Pass. Numerous streams formed by melt water of these two ranges form a pair of rivers, which combine at the far east of the area only to terminate in the Mati Manusia Rawa (dead man swamp). The central part of this area is a vast sandy depression called Panjang Kematian (Long death). The northern and southern fringes of this area are very fertile, due to the alluvial fans and water that flows through the area.

The Jade Road splits at the west of this area, avoiding the dry and inhospitable interior and sticking to paths that have oasis and streams. Due to the limited water, traffic must be careful about not overusing one route over another.

Habitation in this area is solely to support operation of the Jade Road, and numerous caravan towns dot the path the road takes. Originally there was at least a guard tower every day apart, to give at least minimum support and protection for travelers. The great expense and worsening conditions between the town dwellers and nomads meant that many of them have been abandoned or destroyed making travel through the region perilous and expensive.

Terakhir is the farthest eastern settlement, and the last city before the Jade Road crosses over into Dai Anh. Tingi Desa is the westernmost settlement, where the road splits up before crossing the territory

Lupa Sungai

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