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This campaign takes place in the same world as my previous homebrew. The main campaign area will be north of the Empire of Vec and East of the Cherembryl Empire. The campaign will largely be associated with the Jade Road, and aiding the kingdoms along it.

Some time has past since the events ending the last foray into this world, so some things have changed, while others have remained the same. About 40 years have past. The Cherembryl Empire has recovered much of its lost territory, albeit accepting less central authority as a cost.

The Empire of Vec is an empire in name only, though its core economy has strengthened, its noble class has been successfully repressed, and lost territories have not been reclaimed.

Kadesh has lost its northern territories to a crusade by the 7 Kingdoms. Kadesh didn’t really seek to hold onto the area, once the 7 kingdoms showed they were serious about taking them, Kadesh withdrew. The 7 Kingdoms then gave over the land to its original owners, the Gnomes, who have established a small kingdom named Egglebert.

The drow have been successful repressed, and no sign of them has appeared in years. Without a national purpose, Drakkar accepted Cherembryls rule again, though with more local autonomy.

Aurora Glade decided it didn’t like having to make its own foreign policy, or maintain a large army, so decided to cede authority to Cherembryl, and became a protectorate.

The Crusading Lands east of Aurora Glade have been abandoned by the knightly orders. Outposts remain, but have been handed over the Cherembryl and they make use of rangers and druids to maintain the area as a march.

With the end of the Long War the dwarven kingom of Burning Peak lost much of its original purpose. It now relies on trading weapons to far away lands via the Jade road.

At the far end of the Jade road lies Dai Anh, Lupa Sungai and Hon Dao Nho.

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