Pashbon is the traditional core of the Empire of Vec, and is also the name of the territory, kingdom and empire that preceded it.

Was a primary combatant during all three phases of the Long War

The northern border of Pashbon is dominated by high mountains, from which its major river flows from. This river originally traveled a short distance on the Pashbon Plateau, before descending into the low desert were it empties into sea.

The Kingdom of Pashbon decided to increase their countries yields by diverting their river away from the desert, and instead having it fill a depression in their plateau before going over Great Falls. This plan worked wonderfully, and what was a high and dry plateau is now the breadbasket of an empire, producing prodigious amounts of rice and other foods including a vibrant aquaculture sector.

Unfortunately for the builders, gnomish engineers, the Pashbon fell to hobgoblins, and the engineers homeland also fell.


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