Started as the last/first caravanserai along the Jade Road it came into the possession of the Cherembryl empire just before its miraculous comeback. Literally the last things the Empire had control over outside its own walls (and by some accounts, they didn’t even control that much inside the walls), it was instrumental in the renaissance of Cherembryl.

From its humble start it has transformed itself into a thriving port town, one of the largest in the empire. This transformation has taken just 40 years, but due to the guidance of the Emperors wife, the city is a well laid out grid broken up with plazas and town greens with plenty of room to move about. Its port area is the most efficient in the empire, and crime is virtually nonexistent.

Merchants only keep small mansions here, for their factors to live in. The lack of the palatial houses of the capital means the city lacks the ostentation of the capital. It make up for this with its lack of slums. The local building materials are a very pleasant type of white marble and pink granite. Due to the fact that the climate is ideal for roses, and the materials the buildings are made are of, the city has been given the alternate name of Rosa.

Due to its importance and location on the frontier, it house a large garrison of imperial soldiers. Mercenary companies also stage here for caravan work.

Trade has started to dry up, and the people look with concern to the east, where rumblings of wars upon the Jade Road have started.


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